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byfstltna, February 19, 2014
XBT Tracker Frontend
This is a great torrent extension. Couldnt ask for it to do more and the support is excellent! I had a request for a change and it was implemented in just a couple days. Highly reccommended...
byfstltna, July 26, 2013
I use this to aggregate newsfeeds from other sites ino my k2 articles and it works great. Support is top-notch too...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

Grabbing K2 articles from RSS Feeds is much easy and flexible with obGrabber Joomla Extension :)

It's good for business when you have someone to take care of problems.

byfstltna, July 26, 2013
If you want to promote to multiple services from multiple extensions you need this! I use this with several addons and websites and i would not consider setting up a new website without it.
byfstltna, April 25, 2013
Fixed Vertical QR Code Display
One of the few qr code extensions that lets you create vcards instead of url. Setup is quick and easy!
byfstltna, March 31, 2013
This is a great extension with lots of power, but like most powerful solutions there is a learning curve. Spend a few minutes in the wiki to help get a handle on it...
byfstltna, January 2, 2013
Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard
Makes it easy to see the most important statistics for your virtuemart store.
byfstltna, December 29, 2012
While I personally like PlayThru captcha better, this is right now more functional, and it is a toss-up between the two anyway. You can't go wrong with this and with the add-on features really making it even better...
Owner's reply

Thank you for your excellent review

byfstltna, December 10, 2012
JoomBri Freelance
I was looking for a job component and after researching the options decided on this extension. It does everything you could ask for in a freelancing extension and the price is very reasonable. Highly reccommended!
byfstltna, August 27, 2012
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I used to run a 1.x virtuemart site, but i took advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to the 2.x version when i changed hosting. And so far i am very pleased with it. Yes, some things that used to be free in 1.x are now commercial, but i see this as a plus as there is incentive to support you and come to your aid when something breaks. The support is top-notch too.

All in all th best ecommerce option for joomla based stores!
byfstltna, August 22, 2012
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Before Movm I had to have a separate mobile app that required people to go to the trouble to download before they could use my webstore on their device.

With Movm there is no separate app to download, and any new additions are pushed out without extra work. When vocombined with the "add2home" extension you can create a complete mobile app for iOS devices and for Android too!
byfstltna, August 4, 2012
If you are wanting to add a iOS specific version of your site this plugn is a must-have. I combined this with the taptheme mobile templates ad togather they let you make apps that look like native iOS apps.

I used this on my webshop and i no longer need a iOS standalone app to show my catalog!
Been using it for a couple of years now and never had a successful intrusion. This version includes two features i have requested which makes it even better...
byfstltna, June 11, 2012
Simple Review
This is a great extension for creating a table of reviews for whatever type of thing you want reviewed. Support is speedy and helpful, and if you need custom work the price is reasonable too. One of the few solid extensions on JED
byfstltna, May 18, 2012
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Youtube Gallery
I am using this with Joomla! 2.5.4 and it works great. I wanted a component and not just a plugin and this fit the bill perfectly.
byfstltna, October 20, 2011
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Pay per Download
I use PPD with jdownloads and sell downloads of the source code to my games, and using its Kunena feature I can provid a buyer-only forum alongside the free forums. I have another site that is using VirtueMart but that would be overkill for this site. If you need a simple (to maintain/set up) but powerful solution this is all you need.
byfstltna, October 7, 2011
Works perfectly and the support for when issues do arise is great...
byfstltna, September 12, 2011
Unlike to the few haters, I have had nothing but success with this extension. I had some issues at first and a quick posting in their forums directed me to find out the source of my issue (I'm using a dark theme, and it was putting white text on a white background, this has happened for various other modules as well).

My only wish would be for some more plugins for it.
byfstltna, September 3, 2011
This component does everything that other components such as phocadownload does, but then doubles it. Looks much more professional and is so feature-rich you will wonder why you looked at anything else.

I wanted to charge for some downloads and this combined with the also excellent "PayPerDownload" extension met all my needs and more...
byfstltna, July 31, 2011
AutoTweet NG Pro
They offer great tech support, on the odd-chance that you need it, and it had many plugins so no core hacks required
byfstltna, July 29, 2011
Virtue Affiliate
This does exactly what I needed, and did not require any core hacks or template changes. Wel worth the cost!
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