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byftapon, November 9, 2013
FJ Related Articles Plus
Yes, it's not flashy and sexy, but it does the job. I hope it works with the tags in Joomla 3.x.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. I'm pleased to announce that FJ Related Articles Plus is now available for Joomla 3.x.

byftapon, August 17, 2010
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All I wish is that you can control the Blue color. Then it would PERFECT!
Owner's reply

Wish granted! You can now change the color in the backend :-)

If you're debating between this, or some other product that does something similar, get this. All NoNumber products come with support that can't be beat, even by commercial software. A+!
Owner's reply

The extensions I make are created because I have a need for them myself. So it's got my heart! So it is very useful for others to give feedback and show me what can be improved.
By the way, you can pay for my extensions. But you won't get any better support for it :D

byftapon, November 26, 2008
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Not only does this module work, but more importantly, it comes with some outstanding support from its creator!

I'm a Joomla newbie and Peter (the designer) worked patiently with me to solve the problems.

The best way to get the support is to ask questions on his bulletin board. He usually responses in less than 24 hours (and many times in less than 24 minutes!).

If you need to plop in code, use Sourcerer.
Owner's reply

Please don't shoot me if I don't respond within 24 hours though :)