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byfumbi, August 13, 2009
Shape 5 Domain Checker
This is a nice little tool that is very easy to install and has a nice look and feel. You can choose a list of domain extensions (.eu, .net, .us, etc.) to include in the checker. However, I checked some of the results the module returns against the official domain checker ( and, unfortunately, some of the results did not match. For example, the module returned my own domain as "available". So, be sure to verify the results.
byfumbi, July 30, 2009
This is the best extension for creating forms on Joomla! I have tried each and every non-commercial forms generator available for Joomla and this is the easiest to use while producing fantastic output. You don't need to install the language file. Simply install the component and go! Create a template first, then your form. The GUI is intuitive and well designed. The preview did not work but that could be Firefox 3 issue. You can link the form directly to a menu item once your form is finished. The editor offers various fields including multiple choice buttons which is nice.

Well done, Thank you!
byfumbi, July 13, 2009
This contact form is elegant, super easy to configure and works reakky well. Thanks for this.