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byfunkyhut, June 28, 2008
I've been with Jomres since v2.6. After going through the hoop of setting it up, which at times was frustrating and difficult to understand, it has worked really well for about a year and our Guests love it.
I've just been through the upgrade (free) to v3.1. What an improvement! The install is now simple, the set up is much more intuitive, the support documentation makes sense and is easy to find and follow and the included templates are professionally done and look great. You really can use the out-of-the-box look without digging into code to make changes.
For anyone actally using the day to day functions to manage bookings, the process flow is simple and logical. The added ability to email Guest confirmations and change bookings after they have been confirmed actually makes Jomres a joy to use.
I've also found that the support (ticket system and forum) is fast, accurate and to the point with almost all my questions answered within 24 hours.
I'm a user with almost no programming experience and was new to Joomla too. Jomres on Joomla 1.5 really does not require any prevous experience with either if you follow the Jomres support documentation! There is a free demo version which you can set up and then convert to your real site when you buy with no changes to be made.
If you are looking for an online real time booking system for your small hotel, guesthoue or villa then I can honestly recommend Jomres as the answer to your needs.