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bygChambers, June 19, 2012
Core Design Login
Well executed log-in module with elegant presentation. Have not run across an JavaScript conflicts yet. Highly recommended.
bygChambers, June 19, 2012
Login Immediately
There is a core Joomla! 2.5 issue when User Registration is set to "Self". Users register on site and are sent an email for confirmation. This is good. However, upon clicking the confirmation link users are presented with a new log in page. Upon entering their new username / password combo they are taken to their Profile page instead of being taken to where they intend to go (in my case, Kunena forum) This is terrible UX.
Searched the Joomla forum for 2 hours yesterday and the only solutions I found involved hacking the core code -- not a recommended solution.
These two plugins installed in seconds and SOLVED the problem with very low overhead. Well worth the price of admission.
bygChambers, January 9, 2012
Ignite Gallery
I've installed many gallery components for clients over the years. Ignite Gallery is by far the best. Works fine with the default settings but offers plenty of customization options if you want to spend the time.
Best feature is the ability to throttle photo uploads for clue-less clients. Can be set to re-size huge photos client-side prior to site upload. Works fast and saves a huge amount of server storage space.
Did have a problem with front-end photo management but didn't pursue to resolution since the client did not require this feature. Seems to be a jQuery conflict.
bygChambers, November 18, 2011
jQuery Easy
Very simple and effective plugin for using jQuery and JQuery UI in a Joomla site without mootools conflicts. Nice thing about this plugin is the ability to easliy choose from among all the jQuery UI themes from the plugin parameters. Other than that decision its pretty much "enable and forget".
Use along with the module "Custom Javascript" for a complete jQuery solution.
Be sure to use the jQuery "no-conflict" syntax when writing your scripts.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the constructive review. I would also recommend the 'custom javascript' module for simple development.

bygChambers, July 23, 2009
Reports for VirtueMart
My client offers seminars and classes. Using VirtueMart Orders Report, the client (very non-technical) is now able to easily generate rosters for each class, among other things, for export to Excel.
Set-up was quick and painless. Demo site does a fine job of previewing the extension before purchase.
I had created several custom registration fields that needed to be included in the reports and the developer customised my instance for a very modest price. Highly recommended for enhanced reports and export beyond vanilla VM Reports.
bygChambers, September 11, 2008
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Version 1.5.5 for Joomla! 1.5.x. Excellent combination of component, module and plugin. SimpleCaddy does exactly what is claims... easy set up of a simple shopping cart feature using PayPal as the merchant account. Great for sites selling only a few products who don't need (or want) the administrative overhead of Virtue Mart (another great Joomla! e-commerce solution, by the way). Took 10 minutes to install and 45 minutes to configure. Once properly configured each product takes only a couple of minutes to enter. Product descriptions and photos are entered in a content page and simple plugin code calls the "Add to Cart" button.
A few rough bumps to final configuration but most answers can be found in the developer's forum. Not very customizable but highly recommended for simple selling needs when PayPal is your payment solution.
bygChambers, March 14, 2008
...take a few hours and teach yourself how to create clean CSS formatted forms. Then use ChronoForms to do the heavy lifting of making them functional. There is now a solid 1.5 version and support through their forum is outstanding. Support these folks. This component will only get better with age.