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bygaatec, October 16, 2014
Tweet Display Back
Fabulous extension. I am using this on several sites.

I occationally had some problems with "Timed Out connection to Twitter", but since I upgraded to version 3.1.0 Beta, and added "consumer key" authentication, this has been flawless.

All the best to the developer.
bygaatec, February 27, 2014
Admin Tools
I rate this extension highly and use this as standard on all the sites I develop.
bygaatec, February 27, 2014
Securitycheck Pro
Excellent extension that's worth every penny.

I especially like the file integrity check where I can see if any of my Joomla files have changed since last login/check.

A must on all my sites.
bygaatec, February 27, 2014
I have been using Joomla for several years now and rate Adminexile as the single most important Joomla extension I use. I install this on absolutely all sites I develop, and use this together with a number of other security extensions to keep all my sites as safe as possible.

I also configure the email alert option so that I get emailed every time someone try to hack into the Joomla backend, and the attempts has gone through the roof in the last year.

If you haven't protected your admin url yet, then do not hesitate.

Download and install this plugin straight away, and within minutes you will have increased the security many fold.
bygaatec, January 26, 2014
BizKniz Facebook Feed Display
Great module for integrating Facebook posts into your Joomla site. Exacly what I was looking for, and on top of that it is free!!

I would however advise the developer to remove the advertisement link to a 3pp medical site that show up at the bottom of this module.
bygaatec, September 2, 2013
Two Factor Authentication
I have installed this on a couple of sites without any problems, and will go on and deploy this on all my Joomla sites.

It is definitely a must for me going forward to add this kind of security on all sites.

Highly recommended!!
Owner's reply

Hi Dear,

Thank You very much for supporting us. It was very great of you to allow some time for us writing an awesome review.

We love to contribute to Joomla.
Team Ready Bytes.

bygaatec, January 22, 2013
Open external links in new window
I didnt want visitors to leave my site when they clicked on external links, and was therefore looking for a solution that could handle this.

Simply install and activate this plugin, and all external links now open in a new tab.

Simple, easy, and just what I needed!

Thanks a lot to the developer.
bygaatec, January 22, 2013
Cache Cleaner
This extension have saved me a lot of time.

Highly recommended!!

PS! just be sure to check that your server is running php 5.3+ as this is required........
bygaatec, January 22, 2013
NoNumber Extension Manager
I see this extension as a "must have" for administrating the fabulous nonumber extensions available. Definitely recommended.
Ajax Search for AdsManager
I needed something better than the standard search module which is included in adsmanager, and found this.

It is brilliant, and does what it says.

For the price of a cup of coffee it is also a brilliant value for money.

Keep up the excellent work.
bygaatec, June 19, 2012
Report this Ad! for Adsmanager
I really like this little adsmanager extension.

For the price of a cup of coffee, I now have a simple way for the visitors to help me keep the ads relevant and non intrusive.

Keep up the great work.
bygaatec, May 29, 2012
I needed to remove some unwanted html related to an extension I am using, and in a couple of minutes ReReplacer had sorted this for me.

Saved me a lot of time.

Thanks a lot for this......
bygaatec, March 16, 2012
Insert Article by ID
I previously used the similar extension "Articles Anywhere" for these tasks, but when migrating to J2.5.x I found that AA for J2.5 required PHP 5.3+.

As my hosting company still is on 5.2.9, I was left hanging there until I found this extension.

It works great and also validates properly. What more can you ask for?
bygaatec, November 16, 2011
Nice Social Bookmark
I really like this extension as I find it one of the better looking social bookmarking addons avaialble.

Just one little thing. Current versions 1.5.2 for Joomla 1.5.x and 1.6.2 for J1.6 and J1.7 does not validate on W3C.

I would normally contact the developer directly on his website reg. such minor problems, but the contact form on his website didn't work.

All the best going forward. Looking forward to the W3C fix.
Owner's reply

Hello Gaatec, I will look into this W3C problems, it was working fine last time I've checked, but now I do see couple of errors. Contact form on the site is working as it should, give it a try :)


bygaatec, September 24, 2011
HTML Map Manager 2
I have previously used the free extension developed by Christophe Demko while on Joomla 1.5.x. This time however I needed to create a html image map for a new project on Joomla 1.7, and therefore had to look elsewhere for the solution.

I tried a few different paths, and wasted 3.4 hours without success before I landed on this extension. After registering on the developers site and paying for the software through Paypal, I initially ran into a couple of small problems. A quick email to the developer followed by a impressive response, I was again on my way to success. I had created my images for use in my imagemap previously so I now had to simply upload these to the specific folder and within 10 minutes I had it all configured and working.

This is definitely an extension I will use for most of my projects going forward.

All the best to the developer. Keep up the excellent work.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and your confidence in HTML Map 2 - we hope we'll continue to provide lots of useful updates!

bygaatec, March 29, 2011
Phoca Favicon
I like this little extension as I always create and add tailored favicon's to the sites I am developing.

Couple of wishes though:

1) It would be good if one could add favicon to the admin (backend) templates aswell as the frontend templates.

2) Would be great to see what the "current" favicon is on a template. (while in the component in the Joomla backend)

Other than that it does exacly what is says and will definitely be of benefit to many fellow Joomla users.
bygaatec, March 10, 2011
I have tried a good few image gallery extensions for Joomla over the last few years, and found that the "Simple Image Gallery" concept worked well for me as I could have several dynamic galleries on a site without any problems. I specially like the way I can simply drop a new image into a folder and the gallery is updated without me having to do any more.

One problem I found with most of these extensions was that they did not validate the XHTML properly and therefore created a vast number of errors on the site.

Because of this I was looking for a replacement. I then came across SIGE, and viola, I finally got galleries that validated 100% without errors.

In addition I like the fact that this extensions have a huge amount of configuration options that enables me to further tailor my sites.

Finally the "watermark" feature is just great, and is definitely one I will use to protect the images better.

As i said in the title, this is by far the best image gallery plugin I have come across and will therefore recommend this highly.

Keep up the great work!!
Owner's reply

I will do! :-)

Thank you very much for your detailed review.

bygaatec, September 19, 2010
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
Another excellent extension for Joomla.

It is intuitive to install and use, and even support Joomfish.

I also find the support and forum great. I posted a question on the support forum and within 5 minutes I had the answer that helped me. Impressive.

Highly recommended.
bygaatec, June 18, 2010
Akeeba Backup
This is definitely a nice extension which simplifies making backups of your Joomla site.

Quite easy to setup and get going, but I do not believe this is for beginners.

I would have liked to see an easier way to setup automated backups including automated email of the backup to a set email account aswell. That is the only thing preventing me from giving this extension the full 5 stars
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! The features you ask for (scheduling w/out CRON and email support of backups) are already planned for the 3.1 release :)

bygaatec, May 30, 2010
When migrating or changing websites url's could change. This means that I need to map these old url's to the corresponding place in the new website so as not to lose valuable visitors.

This exstension does exacly that in a self explanatory way. (I got this setup in no more than 2 minutes).

Simply install the component an dthe plugin, then activate the plugin, an dfinally enter the url rules in the component. Couldn't be easier.

I will definitely use this extension going forward.
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