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bygaatec, May 8, 2010
I value this extension highly!!!

Zoominfo looks great and the developer offer outstanding support.

Highly recommended.
bygaatec, December 18, 2009
Brilliant extension. As with many of the flexible extensions it takes a bit of readinand thereafter a good bit of trial and error before everything is properly configured. The forum answers most of the stuff and the developer responds quickly in my experience.

The flexibility with aiContactSafe is just fantastic, and the Joomfish compatibility is the main reason I went for this in the first place.

I will for sure use this as standard in all websites going forward.

I would however not recommend this for beginners though as the flexibility (read complexity) herein might just prove to be to overwhelming.
bygaatec, November 27, 2009
I have used both v2.2 and now v2.5 RC2, and like the concept very much. It is easy to customize/add fields, but having to enter languagefiles etc. to change currency and other basic settings isn't very practical at all. It is doable allright, but when you later on upgrade adsmanager, all your changes will have to be redone. This also apply to changes to the ads display.

I am not using Paidsystem due to the fact that it require users to top up their account on your site before they can spend. I see this as a major showstopper, and believe a simple paypal/creditcard payment extension is the only way forward, but such don't exist today.

I use Adsmanager as a catalog tool for a website, and it looks great. However, when used in that way it would have been good to have a shopping cart extension, but this does as far as I know not exist.

Finally, If you run into trouble with this extension and find your answers in the forum, then fine, but don't assume you will get any help if you post a question as my experience is that support is virtually non existent.
bygaatec, November 4, 2009
I was initially confused, but after following the installation instructions found under "documentation" down to the dot I got it working.
Mind you, I use 1and1 as my hosting partner, and had to configure the php to v5 before I got this working (1and1 use php v4 as standard unless otherwise specified).

Excellent extension.
bygaatec, September 22, 2009
Maian Media
I have spent some time with this extension over the last 3 Months and must ssy that I am impressed with the quality of Maian Music.

The support is great and the forums have answers to most questions that arise.
bygaatec, September 2, 2009
Google Currency Converter
Nice extension with brilliant configuration description on the download pages.

Simply a 2 minute job to install this.
bygaatec, July 29, 2009
When updating articles on the live site it is easy to be a little to quick when updating articles.

This extension has helped me several times as I now can find, compare, and return to previous versions of articles.

This extension is easy to use and I believe it simply is a must for anyone looking to make life easier for themselves when working on a live site.
bygaatec, July 29, 2009
This is a great extension, and one of the first things I add to the sites I am developing.

Simple and easy. Highly Recommended
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