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bygadabout, December 10, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
I've tried a couple ways to get Google Maps into my review articles, but they never seemed to work right. We create our own Google Maps, with pointers and what not on them, and I wanted to be able to easily show those in the content without having to turn off the article editor or doing other such things to try and make the code work. This plugin did the trick. In the plugin info it doesn't tell you who to insert a pre-made Google map, so, I will list that info here, as you just get the msID of the map you want to use and insert it into this code in the content, and voila...
bygadabout, December 10, 2008
PixSearch Ajax Search
I really love this little module, and was happy it was in 1.5 native so that I could keep using it when I upgraded my website. It works really well, and I like how it does an immediate article search even as the person is typing in the info.
bygadabout, January 3, 2008
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Community Builder
I noticed some winers making comments. They're expecting too much. For a completely free community building software/portal this stuff rocks. I'm not an expert with JOOMLA in the least and I had no trouble with getting it installed, and all the plugins I'm using so far have installed without a single hitch to speak of. I really recommend this for anyone wanting to have a basic community website.
bygadabout, October 5, 2007
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My site isn't too big, and doens't have tons of URLs, so, at least so far, it seems to be working really well. It's also the first one that has worked. I've tried several others that were on here and they just wouldn't work. This one works with my regular site, iJoomla magazine, and also with virtuemart. All seems good.

The only issue I had was that after I installed it my main domain wouldn't forward to iJoomla anymore when prior it had. I finally fixed that issue though, here is how (in case you have the same issue):

I had the JOOMLA front page on my main menu and my top menu. In both I had put the iJoomla as the first item. But, I don't even use the main menu. I only use the top menu on my site.

I had moved the iJoomla up to the number 1 postion on both those menus anyhow, and made it my homepage in the iJoomla configuration.

But, still, if I typed in then iJoomla came up, and if I typed in then the regular JOOMLA frontpage came up...I couldn't figure out why, and then I did...

I had unpublished the regular JOOMLA front-page from my top menu, as I use that menu on my webpage. And, then, on that menu only the iJoomla was published.

But...I hadn't done that on my main menu, as I don't even use the main menu on my website. I didn't know it would matter since I don't use that menu at all anywhere. I only use the top menu. So while the regular front page was unpublished on my top menu (which I use) it was still published to my main menu (which I don't use).

So, I just went in and saw that on the main menu the regular JOOMLA front-page was still published (though it was #3 down the list, and iJoomla was the first item on that list...but both were published on that list).

So, I unpublished it, and voila! No problem anymore.

I hadn't realized that would cause an issue, particularly considering I don't even use the main menu. I only use my top menu. I guess one just has to check all their menus, whether they're using them or not, and 'unpublish' the front-page option, and to move the iJoomla into the first postion...even if they're not using that menu...