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bygageorion, October 15, 2013
B2J News Loader for K2
This is a GREAT module. Beautiful and stylish right out of the box and well developed! It is my new go-to K2 display mod!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the great feedback.
You can suggest us more on our forum thus helping us to make this module more powerful!

Thank you!

bygageorion, October 1, 2013
SP Upgrade
I will never use, or TRY to use jUpgrade ever again! This component is incredible, super powerful,easy to use, and good support. Worth every penny! Joomla! needs to recommend this component, not jUpgrade. Suddenly, migrations are MUCH easier!
bygageorion, January 18, 2013
I have tried this script on several sites. It has only worked a few times. I can find no reason for the malfunction, each hosting environment was the same. This is endorsed by Joomla? The developers NEVER respond to poor reviews, which is unfortunate.. they should say "see our forums for issue resolutions"
bygageorion, June 27, 2011
Content Uploader Pro
I usually don't comment on extensions, but I thought I should for two reasons...
For one, works like a charm,is feature rich, and easy to use. I needed to import over a thousand articles from ModX to K2, which looked like it was going to be a nightmare! This extension made it very manageable. My experience level is Advanced but even a novice could use this.
Secondly, I thought it was awful pricey, BUT after using it, it was well worth the money. Great Job Dev's.