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bygalahad0, July 11, 2012
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I started more than year ago with GOOD working version. Later were two upgrades - and now there are ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS.
After I succeeded in resolving conflict in database, discovered, that TeraWurfl application (supporting Mobile Joomla) IS NOT CONFIGURED PROPERLY, tried almost everything - still end up with errors.
If you have access to first version - ok, go for it. For now I strongly discourage using such poor in quality solution - you will have errors even on your laptop/PC when displaying (sic!)
Owner's reply

Thanks for trying our product, we are sorry to hear you were not able to utilize it for your needs.

Mobile Joomla! is improved and evolved significantly during the years. Problems updating might could have been avoided with regular updates (as recommended), since each update has a relation to the previous. Your problems regarding Terwurfl might be due to this reason, since Mobile Joomla! does not use Terwurfl as device detection anymore.

Mobile Joomla! has no effect displaying on laptop/PC, which strongly indicates the errors you get might be due to your Joomla! setup, related to other 3rd party extensions.

We are sorry to see you are discouraging others to use our product. We do our best to help our users to solve their problems on our forums. You are always welcome there if you'd like to solve yours.

bygalahad0, July 10, 2012
Profile Pro for Community Builder
I got this extension from my webdesigner, and lost contact to him.
Although Jomduck staff did not have to - they sent me update file working with the new Community Builder version.
Not mentioning, that they are very supportive on forum.
I must say, that possibilities of this extensions are amazing and worth buying :).
Good work fellows - keep it like this all the time!