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bygardenho, March 19, 2014
Your not wasting your money purchasing this extension, it is very easy to use & understand and the developers have the best support I've encountered yet! Seriously.

It is for simple shops and yet has advanced features like the ability to offer coupons or discounts.

I was concerned about shipping configurations as this needs to be very flexible with plenty of options when you ship worldwide but my concern was unnecessary, this shop handles it all just like the bigger more complicated ones do.

Tax configuration is flexible as well.

Certainly there is work to do to customize it to match your site layout & design as with every cart extension.

What I like most about it is how it integrates with joomla so well, its worth trying out if your looking for a shopping cart that is simple to install, configure and manage although I don't think it is the cart to use if you have hundreds or thousands of products.

Support answers every ticket & query within 24 hrs and has no problem understanding your points and they certainly know their component inside & out. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the support of these people, they are going to become serious competition in cart extensions as they continue to develop and improve this extension, which they are intent on doing. I'll be trying to convince all my clients to use this one in future because I'm confidant they will understand it in a very short time and that means less time I spend helping and/or fixing for them!
bygardenho, March 19, 2014
Yireo SSL Redirection
Excellent solution to the ssl problem with joomla. Installed without issue and works without issues on j2.5.17
bygardenho, February 25, 2014
I've been waiting for years for something that would bring osc into joomla without having to re-enter a thousand products. I've trialed and bought half a dozen cart add-ons in hopes they did the trick only to be stopped dead by some obscure problem like lack of shipping configuration flexibility, or no way to import and map the products from the database. I trialed jcommerce and purchased it same day.

Working with jcommerce has been pretty simple for me since I've worked with oscommerce for 15 yrs or so and basically it is the same, just inside joomla admin.

Any questions I've had have received excellent support to date, I installed this aproximately 6 wks ago and I'm still happy with it. I highly recommend if you already know Oscommerce inside out and also work with joomla then this is the cart software for you. You'll be able to retain and use all the excellent features and add-ons you had previously which minimizes any change for your customers too. You can even connect to your old database if you prefer to still have that seperate from joomla.
bygardenho, December 20, 2013
Very simple to install using your instructions. I used the local option, WOW what a difference on the server. Some of those hackers were hitting it fast & hard and it has been slow for weeks but after installing this and blocking the countries in question pages are loading instantly again. Thank you for making this free!
bygardenho, December 3, 2013
Little Helper
It is just the best, such a handy little admin helper all right! One click from the top of any admin page now cleans the site cache instead of navigating to the native joomla clean cache. You can even pick in the config what to clean and also all the recycle bins. I haven't even checked out the other parts of this little helper I just installed it for the clean cache feature - thanks so much fasterjoomla!!
bygardenho, November 29, 2013
Works as advertised, very simple to implement in comparison to many other components for forms. Joo9mlashine pretty much always does a good job with anything they create for Joomla!
bygardenho, October 30, 2013
SP Weather
Great little module to dress up any page, works good and looks even better. Thanks for providing this as non-commercial, your efforts are appreciated by many.
bygardenho, October 29, 2013
Trendy Devices Image Rotator
An excellent little extra to give your site a trendy look for sure. Works great, installed easily lots of config options. thanks for making it free!
bygardenho, March 14, 2013
JSN ImageShow PRO
Delivers exactly as promised, support is great. Didn't take me long to purchase the unlimited version after installing this one and its worth every penny :)
I installed this extension (beta version) without any problems and it works without any problems on Joomla 1.5.22 with loads of othr extensions installed on both the source & destination sites.

The beta version as of today's date is different from the stable version, it has the ability to send the content directly to the other site server!

I wrote to the developer after an issue installing and working with the stable version and had a reply back within the hour. Following his instructions to install the beta and read the documentation on his web site was all I needed to get going. Works a charm, what a fantastic tool for moving content to a new installation or onto a new server! This deserves awards and donations for it is going to save anyone who uses it a great, great deal of time.
bygardenho, October 27, 2009
this has some powerful features and highly configurable. I installed the free joomla version and spent 3 hours setting it up and customizing its css, awesome results but unfortunately to use it for our intended purpose we would need to pay 195.00 for the extra features of allowing public viewing but member only posting and limiting the files types, etc. The best customization features are in the paid version and since we are a non-profit we simply cannot afford it, but if we could we'd buy in a flash! installed easily, no problems on 1.5.14 with many components, mods and plugs in place already.
bygardenho, January 21, 2009
Modules Anywhere
I first installed had no problems whatsoever with using it, after a few days I found a minor bug that in no way affected its function but did prevent printing to pdf on article pages, in less than 24 hours the creator had answered my inquiry and fixed the bug - awesome support for a now flawless module.
Using Joomla 1.5.8 native
Owner's reply

Thanks for reporting the bug you found. As you said, it's fixed in the new version (0.1.3). If no-one comes with any more major bugs, Modules in Content will probably be stable soon.

bygardenho, January 18, 2009
Excellent little mod to add some extras to your site for fun, and perfect for testimonials! I agree with the review below - would be even better if ability to list quotes all on one page too!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments.
Version 1.5rc2 has been released. This version will display all (or any number) of quotes on one page as content.Please download new version

bygardenho, January 18, 2009
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Worked perfectly after an install with no problems, created a perfect simple list from within the category, although I have to say I did not publish it to a module position because I needed it to create the list from a category only.

I installed a number of other category list creating extensions, to be used with another extension (Modules in Content) which would allow placing a module in the content of a page. None of the others worked when placed within the tags, but this one did! They both work beautifully together, allowing me to create a list from a category to place on the page content without having to create a lengthy submenu.