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bygasoline, May 9, 2014
JD iDEAL Gateway
I use it on several websites and with several extensions. Already for some years and works on al sites flawlessly. Happy with the extension and the support. Great product. Easy to install and configure also.
bygasoline, March 25, 2014
Skyline Advanced Poll Manager
This one I installed for a client, and its easy to setup, manage and style. And it looks great.
However, I set the lag on 888888 but the input on survey are extremely high. We had about 20.000 visitors last week and almost 100.000 votes. So it is appearently very easy to submit your vote more than once. I checked al the settings and they are good. So disappointing extension for serious stuff.
bygasoline, April 16, 2013
Perfect  Popup Box
I stumbled on this extension when I was searching for popup frames on a new project of mine. I needed several images on same page to be clickable and popup to different multiple page popups. After I wrote to the maker they sended (after I paid) me a new version that was not on market yet. When I started to use and implement the extension some things where not clear for me or I needed some help. On ALL my questions I got a quick response. Mostly within an hour, but always within a day.
They have helped me to get my project going. And they are always ready to help.
They even give answers on things that are not extension related, but where my fault. I f.e. forgot to add the component.php in my root folder of my template. They pointed me on that.

I'm very satisfied with the support and the extension. I can anybody recommend this extension/maker.
bygasoline, September 30, 2009
Mosets Tree
This is a very good extension if you want to build a directory. The license is changed so you don't need to buy this for every site you own. I have bought and extended license for one site to get support.

Extension works very well and is easialy installed. I had some troubles with last updates but after I submitted my question at the locked forum (payed subscribers) I got a fast and good response. Several times. Excellent.

I even had a small problem with a subcribtion field that was corrected by the developer. When I asked him what he did, because I have a sistersite (not payed) with same problem he gave me the solution. Now I'm happy and -very important- my client is happy.

I will be supporting this extension by paying the yearly fee to get support. Because it's worth it and the support is really fast, accurate and friendly.

That I do not rate it as excellent is that it misses some features I would like, but they are very specific for the sites I run for my client. I think I have to work with a developer to fulfill these needs in the far future.
bygasoline, December 17, 2008
MoeScroll Advanced
I'm not an easy customer. I tried several scrollers but none was working good. Finally I stumbled upon MoeDesign. It worked right out of the box. But I needed some features that where not there at the moment.

They gave me excellent support and where very helpful. Support is generally within 24 hours. Finally theyt installed a scroller on my website (I made a temporarily login) and this scroller works exactly as my client wants it. And it works in all browsers.

As I said in the first line. I'm very critical, and mostly very annoyed with suppliers. But I would recommand MoeDesign for everybody that wants that kind of product on your (Joomla) website.