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bygaurushab, April 14, 2012
Account Expiration Control
been using AEC for over two years and rarely has there been a scenario that wasn't already covered by this amazing component. To top it off, the developer has been rapidly improving upon what was already a massive component. The myriad of options and controls can be intimidating to beginners and may even seem overkill if you are just starting out with your site but it also means you are future proofing your site's backbone to a large extent. Most controls are well documented with tool-tips within the software itself however it may be a bit of a challenge to configure advanced flows as the software manual is still work in progress. So take advantage of the discussion forum while you have access to it. The developer's business model is a bit unconventional in the sense that he makes money off of technical support rather than the software itself. As a result, technical support is only provided to active paying members of their site. This makes sense from a commercial perspective however, if you are used to having your software purchases backed up with technical support at no extra charge, it can be a bit frustrating, as was the case with me in the beginning. The company however has shown awareness of the issue and lately I have had good experiences with the developer David going out of his way to help me. I recommend this component wholeheartedly to folks looking for a serious commercial grade billing component.