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bygavjof, September 5, 2013
HD-Background Selector
It is not difficult for us developers to add in some CSS to customise the background images but when the average user wants to do this themselves you need this module.

It's a great tool, a real time saver but it could be better if it supported the background-size attibute. i.e.
background-size: cover;

The fact that it allows you to add in custom CSS and edit the ID makes up for this.
bygavjof, June 7, 2013
Just installed and tested this extension and it works really well.

Quick and easy to set up - remember to select Guest as the restricted group for those who say it does not work.

My theme is based off the Yoothemes 6.x framework (using Master as a base theme) and it does work. Another reviewer said it does not but that must be another extension that is causing the issue.

The only problem I see with this is that I was still able to printscreen with this enabled. It's nothing important as I did not need that functionality but something worth noting.
bygavjof, May 27, 2009
Better Preview
As the author says it's a small thing but it is worth SO much. Thank you for this little gem.

When you are using SEF urls it can be frustrating finding the right URL for articles and stuff - especially when you have to make a menu item just to get a URL. This thing is going on my must have list. I only wish there was a similar solution for my old 1.0.x site.
bygavjof, February 20, 2009
Google Maps by Reumer
I've got this plug-in running on all my Joomla sites that require a map. The basic configuration is easy and it includes a tonne of advanced features that I've not even tried yet.

Had a small problem after a install error on one of my sites - but got a quick email back from Mike telling me how to solve it. Awesome support ;)
bygavjof, July 21, 2008
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RSform Pro
I've used numerous form-based components over the years (perForms, ChronoForms and many many more) but this one is now my favourite.

A quick read of the guide and you're up and running in half and hour - give or take the size of your form. It's actually really user friendly and you can dive straight in and start building your form without the manual.

I had problems installing the 1.5 Trial on my server so I looked on the forum. After a bit I tried dropping a support ticket. I got a reply back real quick with advice and in the end got them to install it for me (I had problems removing it from my Joomla install). All this and I was not even a paid user!

Great product topped off by a great team behind it. The license fee is very reasonable and I will be using this on all future Joomla sites.