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bygavman, March 27, 2009
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Great idea however as soon as I enabled the module it brought my site down with numerous errors. I tried rearranging all the backend settings to try to get something working but sadly it did not work.

Perhaps it is because of the templates I am using (YooTheme & RocketTheme)?
bygavman, March 23, 2009
Average rating because I am not sure of it was me or it was the plugin, component and module...

I followed the instructions carefully by spending nearly two hours checking all settings and configurations.

Sadly it behaved poorly for me, perhaps because of the template I am using (YooTheme) or simply there is a bug somewhere - btw I am not a Joomla newbie and had installed other extensions without any trouble in the past.

I admit the instructions was a little too long, however it is probably because of the numerous feature requests from other users, so likely not the developers fault. And as a freebie I did not expect too much. Instead I am now looking at a commercial version with a smoother and easier installation process.
Owner's reply

Being licensed (and being free) exactly like Joomla! core is, yvComment has commercial support just the same way. Moreover, the GPL gives you as a Customer much more flexibility in selecting the source of support (comparing to support of commercial products/extensions).
In your case the support may come from a Web designer in general and from developers of the template that you are using (YooTheme) in particular.
Good luck, gavman, and thank you for the review!