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bygayfll, August 1, 2012
Easy File Uploader
I needed a way for logged in clients to submit artwork to my site as easily as possible. It doesn't get easier than this! KUDOS!!!!
bygayfll, August 1, 2012
Insanely easy to install and set up in 2.5. If all you need is to sell a couple of products, quickly and painlessly, this is it! I currently only have 6 products, and had it fully customized to my needs in less than an hour.
bygayfll, January 2, 2012
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Phoca Facebook Comments
Phoca has a GREAT reputation with me, and they don't disappoint with this script! Works great, and flexible.
bygayfll, November 11, 2011
So simple, and so important to looking better for search engines! Very painless install. Wonderful job!
bygayfll, June 2, 2011
BuaXua Floating
Does not work with Rocket Theme Gantry based templates out of the box. Love the concept though.
Owner's reply

1) Please, read the "How to use" at:

2) You can post your problem in our support forum.

bygayfll, May 25, 2011
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Link with Article Images on Facebook
Effortlessly ends that annoying incorrect thumb or "scrolling through 100 thumbs" on facebook for an article!