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bygbensonii, September 22, 2012
AJAX Scroller
I give this a 5 star rating - but don't let that be misleading. It is indeed a great extension - but I believe it could be made to incorporate features that make it easier to style rather than having to edit the original CSS and/or to create new CSS files.

I am VERY HAPPY with this extension - but I am also one who believes that things can always be improved!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review! What can't be stressed enough is that AJAX Scroller is very versatile product. It can be used for Articles, Banners, RSS feeds, Tweets, VM products, it can scroll vertically, horizontally, one, two, four or more items at a time, all that using different animations and with several instances at one page. I could easily have released 20 different products for each different case and sell them separately, as many of competitors do. Instead, I chose to squeeze all those possibilities in one powerful module. Having this in mind, it's very hard to have one or two CSS styles that would cover all situations and all different templates out there. Instead, I made a DEMO site with some style examples where users can copy the styles from. While I agree it takes a little effort I'm sure you'll appreciate everything you can do with AJAX Scroller. I understand that it can be somewhat repelling to CSS beginners and I do plan to include at least a few CSS templates that can be chosen from and get you started in next versions of the module.