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bygcams, September 9, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
I looked at commercial EU Privacy plugins, but this non-commercial one looked really good, so I decided to give it a go. I was very impressed with not only how well it worked, but also how nicely it had been designed so it could be very easily customised. I've been able to get the cookie messages looking exactly the way I want them, thanks to the nicely designed CSS.

The other really neat future is the very granular control you have over which content is displayed to users who have either accepted, or rejected cookies. This really puts the plugin head-and-shoulders above the rest in my opinion, as it means I can effectively disable *any* third-party content on my site which sets cookies using joomla view levels, which ensures no cookies will be set for users who have rejected cookies.

The only issue I've encountered with the plugin, is when a user, who has accepted cookies, clears their browser cookie cache (but not their DOM Storage cache). This results in the plugin thinking the user has accepted cookies, but the site does not display any of the cookie-reliant content. I've e-mailed the author about this issue with a hope that there might be a fix.

All in all a brilliant plugin which does as good, if not better job than some of the commercial samples I've seen!
Owner's reply

I will have a fix for that scenario soon. Thanks for the great review!

bygcams, August 13, 2012
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Ultimate Feed Display
I had tried a large number of non-commercial extensions in an attempt to get my RSS feeds looking the way I wanted, but to no avail. After reading the glowing reviews, I decided to give Ultimate Feed Display a go, and it certainly lived up to the good reviews.

The extension was very easy to configure and I got up and running in no time. The options are very flexible and I have multiple instances of the extension/module on my site, with no issues at all. In fact, I've now replaced all my RSS pages (some of which were using the inbuilt Joomla RSS feed display) with this extension, as it looks so much nicer.

The only *very* minor issue I had was down to the fact that I need to display feeds which sometimes contain no articles (they are weather warning feeds, and if there are no warnings issued, the feed is empty). It would be really nice if there was an option to customise the error message in the case an empty feed, as the default message indicates there's a problem with the feed (under normal circumstances this would be the case).

Apart from that very minor point which is probably fairly specific to my application, the extension is brilliant. It's the first Joomla extension I have purchased and I have no hesitation in recommending it. If you're looking for a very flexible RSS display function for your site, it's well worth the very small cost to purchase this excellent extension.