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bygclabbe, December 4, 2009
This software is so good, it deserves more of my time that simply clicking a rating button.

Easy to install, simple to manage plugins (hint: use the wizards, they rock!)

Started the bridging process with a competitive (free) plug-in that is popular ... 1H of file copying in, I decided it just wasn't worth it. Luckily found JFusion and after 10 min work total (including some confusion on my part), it's done.

One piece of advice for phpBB3 users ... JFusion will tell you to "disable registration" since it is a slave. I could not find a JFusion switch to do this. Had to log into the phpBB3 control panel, go to Registration Settings and set registration to disable. Now I get the green light. However, phpBB3 login is not disabled and there appears to be no easy way to do that.

Thanks JFusion team! Can't believe you give away such an excellent product.