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bygebeer, March 31, 2014
I bought the Pro version of this extension for use on a site with Seblod CCK. It didn't work out of the box.
I contacted the support and after a few days they came up with a new version that offers Seblod CCK support out of te box.

Great extension with even better support.

I can definitely recommend it.
bygebeer, September 13, 2013
Apart from being an exccellent module that makes creating forms a breeze, also the support is superb.

I had an error on my page with one of the module settings.

Sent an Email to the developer. One hour later she released a bugfix update. Th error was gone.

I love this module and use it on many of my sites.

Many thanks to the developer!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this positive review!
Always at your service!

And I'd like to seize the opportunity to say thank you to Maksim, who's just sent us a brandnew Russian translation!

This is an amazingly easy to use and very powerful component. Thank you so much for this great piece of code!

I used it for replacing a link in a section list layout pointing to a category listing with a link pointing to another section listing.

E.g.: You have section A with categories I II III and section B with categories I II III, where conent of section B is really subordinate to content in section A.
Now you have a section listing for section A which shows the categories with links to their listings like:
category I
category II
category III
But actually you want to have the link to category AII point to a section listing for section B instead of pointing to a category AII listing.

Before I discovered ReReplacer it was not possible to do in Joomla! core (at least I wouldn't know how). Now I just replace the link to the category AII listing with a link to a section B listing. In the category AII description I have information about section B.
This is an easy way to accomplish unlimited nesting of sections within categories without having to use a CCK extension.

Saved me a lot of headaches. Thanks again!