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Although mad4joomla undoubtly works like a charm for a simple website, I think it lacks some important features for more complex forms. I would like to have the opportunity to group elements of the form (for example, on the taxation request page for a small taxation office, I'd expect the opportunity to see a different section for the person requestion, as well as the specific house information).
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. We appreciate constructive criticism.
Neverthenless we don't agree to the term: 'otherwise overated'.
Don't forget that Mad4Joomla Mailforms is a spare time project. Shortly we will publish an additional commercial version with a lot of improvements and extra features. If this lacks also on features you may use the term 'otherwise overated'.
If you compare our project to other non commercial form extensions you will see the vantages of Mailforms.
The huge popularity of Mad4Joomla is based on stable performance and very simple and easy usage.
If we start extending the component with lots of extras there can be two results.
1. If we do this in our spare time, the component will be more complex to use and we will lose our unique feature of being very easy-to-use.
2. If we extract some of our business time to extend our software and publish an additional commercial version, the unique feature "very easy-to-use" will remain.

Please reconsider if you review us as 'overrated' and vote 'average' that you get a stable and probably the most easy-to-use form extension for free!