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bygeicu, September 6, 2013
after banging my head on the wall few times, eventually CJ worked great. Reason why CJ was not working from the 1st time, was no foult of program, but mine. I'll write a heads-up for this common problem, that other users might run into, for cj to work on you're article (besides publishing plugins) those article must be published in a menu in the site, it will not work otherwise. And stay away from scriptmerge, it seems to interfere with CJ and makes it give errors. Other then this, only good words to say, language files is easy configurable, dosen't have that many fields.

But the great thing about this, is the (free)support that comes with it, have so far a total of 8 e-mails with support, that helped my by figguring out what was making CJ not to work on my website, so only good things to say about support.

I gave it 5 stars, beacause it deserves 5 stars.