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bygekkosan, December 24, 2008
BreezingForms 1.5.1 is definitely a very good, reasonably painless way to implement forms - even complex ones, in a Joomla! site.
The intro video, although shown through the Joomla! 1.0 interface, is still sufficient to get started.

The lack of a comprehensive user manual and a video that specifically addresses Joomla! 1.5 and the current release of Breezing forms is felt when you start thinking about adding a certain degree of extended functionality and sophistication to your forms. However, the application is easy and transparent enough that anyone with a minimal experience in how the different components work for Joomla! and forms in general work, can figure most things out fairly quickly.
The help forums also hold a lot of answers, although I feel that the search function for the forums could be a bit more sophisticated. It is not always easy to find the required answer quickly - however, most likely the answer IS there.

I had an issue with the installation of version 1.5.1 (the previous version I had installed gave me no problems at all). It is something related to the size of the COM_ component of the installation package, and the amount of memory that the PHP default configuration assigns for installers.
A mail to the developer was answered very quickly, and a satisfactory solution was provided immediately, so I can vouch for an excellent tech support for the module.

The only reason I am not assigning BreezingForms a top rating is because I feel that there's still a fair bit that can be done to improve the application even further, including the form-building interface (I know that's in the works), a better way to edit and customizing of the forms feedback messages, and **definitely** a better and easier way to create and implement custom html mail notifications for the forms.

Altogether a very good extension, with all the markings for becoming a truly outstanding piece of work.