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bygemimail, December 4, 2008
Tabs & Sliders
This module is easy to install and very easy to call from content items. It does what it promises but there are some anomalies. You can change the fonts on the slides but not on the tabs. On the latter, your html codes are not recognized and become part of the name. In addition, if you define enough tabs to overflow the line, the break to the next line occurs in the middle of a multiple word tab and never at the end of a tab. Thus in such a case, the last tab is half on one line and half on the next line. In the case of multiple lines of tabs, they are packed so close together that they partly overlay the preceding line.

On the slides, they are spaced too far apart and I cannot find a way to prevent that. That last flaw is that when you use the tabs and the content under the tabs differ in length, the display box is set to the length needed to display the content in the first tab. If a later tab has more content, it cannot be seen and I can find no key or mouse action that will provide a bigger display area. You can get around this by making the tab with the most content being the first tab.

If none of these flaws bother you or you can work around them, this is a very helpful module. You can see how to employ this module and work around the flaws at