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bygemlog, October 28, 2009
I've been using chronoforms for a few weeks now and just had to come back here to add yet another positive review to the list. All the good things people have written in the reviews below are true. Solid 5 stars.

You *can* use it to make validated forms, emails and data storage with just a few clicks, but it *also* allows you to easily add gobs of your own php and js.

I originally installed it simply because I wanted to have a back-end integrated with joomla for the user -- and didn't want to try and write my own component. I got far more than I expected.

If I had to choose something to nit-pick about, it would be that the size of the edit boxes in the back-end are a bit small if you are writing a lot of code. To get around that I mirror the form code in my regular text editor where I'm happier anyway. I don't think this would be even a concern for most people though, so do not let this minor niggle stop you from installing it.

I think the fact that I had to really stretch there to find something to complain about should say something to you as a prospective user.

Finally, their forum is quite a busy place (another good sign), but Bob and Max are still very quick to respond.
Some of the comments here don't see to be fair to this component at all. The v2.2.2 stable version works perfectly under J1.5 with legacy support turned on.

Perhaps some of the more negative reviewers were playing with the *release candidates*? Those do have problems with j1.5, but that's why they are labeled rc1, rc2 etc. I imagine. They're just not ready yet.

I'm very happy with v2.2.2 as it suits our little ski club perfectly. I'd give it a 5 if it was j1.5 native, but it certainly deserves a solid 4 stars. Thanks for the nice addon Thomas.