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bygenamex, January 7, 2008
As other reviewers, I found this module really easy to use and with so many parameters (selecting items inside sections, categories, articles themselves, or even by date!! The only draw back is that it only displays one column. But you can change that easily. I modified the "horizontal" style inside the mod_dn.php file. This code will count the columns (3 in this case) and then add a new row. After you ad this code, make sure you use the horizontal style:
Add this to the Parameters list (around line 342):

// Count Columns
$countColumns = 0;

And then replace this code from the loop (around line 1270):

if ($style == 'horiz' ) {
echo '';

with this code (make sure you change the number 3 to how many columns you want to display):

if ($style == 'horiz' ) {
$countColumns = $countColumns + 1;
if ( $countColumns == 3 ) {
echo " ";
$countColumns = 0;
} else {
echo '';

You can thank this one to my husband Van for helping me figure it out.

I love that you have a separate CSS for it. It is very helpful since I'm using this module to display articles for each issue of a online magazine.

Thanks again for the great and simple Mod!

Gena Eiseman