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bygentrybn, April 8, 2009
As a Joomla newbie (and not very techie regardless) I was able to install and have this running in my new site in about 15 minutes. My testing so far looks like everything works as advertised.

Thanks very much for a job well done!

Request for functionality (which I am sure you have seen before) but it would be great if others could do 2 things:
1) have a "prayed for button" where users on the net could indicate that they have prayed for this item, a counter on the number of times its been prayed for would be a great this way a random person in Ohio could pray for a sick child in Florida or another country and feel "participatory"...the most popular prayed for items could then be shown (peace on earth, mercy for the nations, whatever)
2) have a place for comments , encouragement, or the prayer that was given in response to the prayer request

Fantastic job and I am looking forward to what you add next!