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bygeorgils, July 22, 2014
Slideshow CK
If you are looking for a Joomla! slider which does ***anything*** you might expect/want it to do (and it does!), then search no further. I just finished testing almost each and every free slider module on the JED currently - that's it. Many thanks to the devs who open sourced it and make it available freely!
Fixed Vertical Module Position
A very useful and flexible plugin. Works straight out of the box, easy to use, very customizable. Clean, readable, good quality code, easy to adapt to any special customer requirements (I added easily 3 more buttons and a configuration field allowing to redirect to a menu item instead of displaying a module on click or mouseover). Very quick and helpful developer response on support request.
bygeorgils, August 10, 2012
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart
I just can't think of a decent VM e-shop without filters. And for filters there's nothing like Cherry Picker. It is unbelievable how well (and fast!) it does its job without having to think of it all the time - you just set it once and forget about it. And still you have the most intelligent, intuitive and flexible filtering to offer to your customers.
First class support by Maks. Many thanks, this is one of the greatest extensions I've ever used.
bygeorgils, July 29, 2012
Phoca VirtueMart Category dTree
For anyone who likes to have his shop's category structure displayed in a tree - this module does exactly what it promises. Installs and works like a charm out of the box on my J!2.5.6 and VM 2.0.8e.
Many thanks for sharing this little useful instrument!