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bygerancos, November 21, 2013
yvBBCode! I needed to insert a line space in a vertical menu in Joomla 2.5, which is completely impossible in joomla core. Installing this plugin and adding [br] to the menu title took me exactly 2 minutes, and works perfectly. It gets transated to html , so not code heave and thus SEO friendly. Perfection!
bygerancos, October 23, 2013
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A very nice and clean looking extension, however i was disappointed that the "I understand" button isn't translated in French, making it user-unfriendly for french users.
I looked around but no option to translate the button could be found, not even in the module files directly.
bygerancos, September 10, 2013
IPrice calculator LIGHT
This is a pretty nice ordering form for joomla 2.5 (product list + contact form)

There are some issues: for example in EUR, CSV import does not allow decimals.

Support is also non-existent: i left 2 questions on the English forum which after one month had no reaction, but this is understandable for a free component.

All in all, the perfect component for the task that I needed if for, giving only 4 stars out of 5 because of the decimals problem and the complete absence of support.

Still, great stuff! :)
Owner's reply

Unfortunately I can not always pay attention on the users free component. Especially now, when I'm busy of huge work on a adaptation components of family IPrice for Joomla 3.x. When the hard work is over, I'll try to pay more attention to the free versions of the component

bygerancos, September 2, 2013
ST Content Showcase
I honestly don't see what this extension is supposed to have as added value.

I installed it and tried all the options, and each and every one of them is ugly, and not one of them is like the screenshot above or like Pinterest...

Also worth saying: includes a backlink that cannot be removed.
Owner's reply

Have you tried asking us for help ?
Do you know how to use it ?
Are there any javascript errors on your site or conflict javascript library ?

bygerancos, August 2, 2013
ARI Image Slider
Doesnt work at all with transparent PNG images.

No possibility to remove the background.

Would be nice if you mentioned this instead of having people find out for themselves...
Owner's reply

If you have any question about the extension, you can ask it on the forum.

If you want to modify images, use "Use thumbnails" parameter in module settings.

bygerancos, March 21, 2013
It's a pity this extension doens't work as well as it used to under joomla 1.5

The XML sitemap worls well, but the html sitemap has a mind of it's own.

Currently my html sitemap is correct excep for one menu item, for which it obstinately refuses to expand and show the article links. This category/menu has exactluy the same setting as the other ones, but it won't expand.

Sadly I'll have to go look for another extension. One that expands ALL categories.

Pity about the bad transition to 2.5, xmap for 1.5 was much more solid.