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bygfisch, September 30, 2014
SP Transfer
I used SP Tansfer and it's sister SP Upgrade to bring a 1.5 site up to 3.x. Since beginning the upgrade and testing new templates and so on, many new members had signed up. Using this software I could pull just the new members over in a few minutes. I didn't have to do the whole upgrade procedure again.
bygfisch, February 11, 2014
TCVN jPlayer Audio Playlist
I would say excellent, but I have not had to ask for support so I can't judge that. Maybe when I need it I can upgrade my vote. It installed easily and worked perfectly.

I happen to know jplayer very well and I know the skins/templates are a work of art. It's easy to change a few background colours but then it gets quite complicated.

I would like to see this plug-in updated to the latest Jplayer using jquery.ui with sleaker design, rounded corners and so on.

I thought about writing my owm plugin but it might take me 5-6 hours. Or I could pay $20.

Well worth the money! :)
bygfisch, December 12, 2013
I have used Flexi on several sites. It's powerful and feature rich. I love the template system which offers incredible flexability. Support is top notch.

Bit of a learning curve getting familiar with all the options and where they are, but worth the effort.

Recently whipped up a new section for a client: a couple new fields, new category, new items, copy and edit a template that came close. Accomplish in 2 hours what would be impossible in plain Joomla.
bygfisch, May 22, 2013
I mean really great support. I thought payplans, jomsocial and JomSocial Profile Types were the answer to my clients needs, but I could not get all the configuration to do what I wanted. With a couple of exact responses (logging in to my site to see what I had done) all was set straight. Highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Hello Dear,

Thank you very much for allowing us to help you out.

We greatly appreciate the efforts and the time you allowed for us in writing the review.

Thank You very much

Team Ready Bytes

bygfisch, December 21, 2012
I was just thinking about how to write a plugin that could stop bots registering on my site, and how to list all the emails and IP's that were driving me nuts. Then I found JJantispam. Installed in seconds. Using botscout to track all the emails and IP's. Not one spam registration since! I love it when things just work. Kudos to joomlajingle!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review. This was the hope, to help block spam on Joomla sites, without effort for the end user. I am glad you find it helpful.