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bygharrow, November 29, 2012
We were searching for a solution to migrate our company's blog from blogger and integrate it with our freshly built Joomla! site. We investigated many options inside and out of Joomla! and ultimately after rreading reviews and playing with the demo site, my team and I agreed that it seemed like the best choice.

Boy were we RIGHT! Between the ease of use for both my team and our outside PR firm to login through the _front-end_ and create and edit blogs quickly and easily and the sheer amount of custimozations you can do visually, it's turned out to fit perfectly. using one of the built-in themes, I change some CSS and had a matching theme'd blog to our site.

Because we went with the PRO version, we had their support team install the blog for us which saved some time. I'm glad we did, not only was it easier, but I've contacted support for various little tweaks and hiccups we wanted to make/encountered during using the component. They responded very quickly, but always apologized for the delay if they couldn't respond immediately. I've been working with three different support folks through the process, and all were very awesome, helpful and friendly.

I couldn't have asked for an easier blogging tool, better support or easier customization. It's all here and all clear. It has more options and integration than we'll probably ever use, but the fact that it's there is a definite plus!

I highly recommend it and ESPECIALLY their support team! They can make anything happen within EasyBlog, I'm sure!