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bygholem, February 4, 2010
Ninja Simple Icon Menu
I tried sending a message to you guys, but it got complicated and I've resumed my actions.

But since I can vote for extensions here, you have my full vote, I really think you can do lots of stuff with this extension.

It works fine, loads fine and does what is says. Moreover, I made some "teaks" or whatever you may call them, to look and act different.

The changes are not in the php code, but in the css stylesheet. There could be some jquery added in the next release for a cool look, but for now it does just good with this:

.nsi-container a:hover img {
height:40px; }

It will do a image hover effect, the icon will grow and it will change opacity. Somthing like fisheye, but much simpler.

... Assuming that the icons are set to a smaller value than 40px. However, you can set the value to a larger one.

Now it looks and acts different, and works in IE7 too. I did not test it in Opera and Safari, but I gues it can be tweaked there to. In Chrome works just fine.

The is also a trick for IE6, but whoever would care for that, I'm so against support of IE6.

Thanks for you time and I'm glad I could give something back since I don't have any money to give and I'm no programmer.
bygholem, December 3, 2009
Art Total Menu Light
It's a trully nice extension though kinda gave a hard time customizing it. I use a template that has links colors in light blue and tottaly can't see what is there because on Ipod you have that green color/image (wich is also nice, but doesn't do me right).

I've marked it as favourite and I'm gonna use it as often as it gets.

Works fast, loads fast and it's looking good too.

bygholem, November 4, 2009
Tabs & Sliders [for articles]
I think it's a great job you did with this extension, it loads quickly and it does what is sais it does.

I worked a little on .css, making the titles align center (on slides) and content align left. I would also get rid of the yellow star in the left, doesn't look very proffessional.

All the best (pardon my bad English)!