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Frontend-User-Access (pro)
If you are looking for flexible component which perfectly controls/limits access of users to certain areas or display of any joomla module, component, menu item...etc you have found perfect component. I'm using FUA more than 6 months and it is like helping hand - missing part of joomla. Initally I had some difficulties to integrate it to my website's template, but this was solved very quickly thanks to developer's approach. I purchased many commercial joomla components, but I have never had such support as from Carsten. Carsten exchanged with me several e-mails in few minutes and fixed my issue and also improved FUA for other customers with same site template. Other big value is integration with membership (AEC) components and sharing info about user levels. I can only recommend this component - it has all what is needed for user access control. Thank you!
Joomlawatch, now ExtraWatch is mine most used component in Joomla backend. It is first thing I do after I login to backend - I check what is going on on the website. I'm using this amazing component more than 6 months daily without single issue. It helped me to understand my visitors and many times even solve their problems (especially useful for registered users and their activities). It helped me to block website from unwanted spam and crawlers. I use it more often than google analytics even if they also offer realtime analytics - it has low value compared to joomlawatch. I'm happy that I purchased lifetime license so I can get cool updates like last one - heatmaps (just this will save you lot of money). Developer is responsive and focused on details - and best of all - component has very low price (I would say small donation for such component).

Few suggestions, just nice to have -extras :
- integration of google charts in historical reports
- few default historical line charts with tables for last 12months, 6months, 3months, 1month (with time unit month, week or day)

Thank you Matej Koval for such amazing component!
byghost999, October 25, 2011
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Account Expiration Control
It is not simple task to objectively rate such complex and extensible application which AEC for sure is. I think review of crashedfx is very detailed and most similar to my opinion.
As I work with many excellent components like Sobi my expectations are pretty high! I will try to be brief and summarize pros and cons and some summary at the end :

Pros :
+ It is most extensible component I know, this is huge advantage! You can integrate it with almost any other component (community builder, sobi, newsletters..).
+ Fantastic flexible backend with lot of setup features, maintenance tasks (this is something what can be done only with huge experience of developer and many releases)
+ Integrates with all core payments processors (paypal, google checkout..), and some country specific payment processors (for those who are so lucky and are in these countries)
+ It has advanced setup of signup plans
+ It has advanced setup of coupons (dynamic or static)
+ Support namely Jake is able to fix any issue you have with AEC (for sure not for free, and also it may take some time as he is busy)
+ Very good integration with ACL components (in my case FUA)
+ Reliable component which seem to be also very safe
+ Micro integrations - great idea which will help you to integrate AEC with almost anything, or to write custom MI
+ Very good backend for invoices

Cons :
- Forum is accessible only for paying members. Also structure of the forum is really, really bad No categories, hard to find anything.
I recommend to David to look at forum of Sigsiu team (thousands of users) to see what I mean.
I believe good forum is must have for joomla components, and that users can help each other, create microintegrations and share knowledge.
Good forum can only help to developer to improve his component.
- Documentation is online and accesible only for paying members. If you do not have subscription, you do not have documentation. No matter you paid
10 EUR or 90 EUR (like me). You have to have active subscription to access documentation or forum. Documentation is not completed yet, but most important articles are there.
- Multi-language support is limited. Unfortunately there is stil many people not able to understand english.
Although there is some support of Joomfish (for translation of plans) it is not enough.
This is weakness of joomla and most components. What I do not like in AEC that you can not have different buttons (images) in different languages
without additional hacks of core AEC files. Good example of limited langauge support is when you want invoice in multi-language and word "Tax" is hardcoded and thus you are not able
to translate it without core files changes.
- Exact oposite of AEC backend is AEC frontend. Backend is so nice and proffesional that it could win 1st price in joomla components backends.
What I do not understand is design of Frontend (html, css). It is not only looking bad, I think that it can confuse end-user.
So without any change of core HTML and CSS you will end up with really ugly checkout pages (pages which are most important for your business!!!)
Modification of core HTML files is not described in manual (so far) therefore it is up to you to do it yourself.
- If you want own modern pricing table (very important thing, also integrated on VALANX site), you can integrate it only with Jquery workaround.
- They are increasing subscriptions price and also current price is quite high. It would be perfectly ok if documentation is final and issues above are removed, but not now.
I would prefer higher price for component+documentation, lower support prices (less needs to hack and customize)

Summary :
Advanced component for advanced joomla users/developers. It not ends with purchase of AEC - this is only beginning.
In my case I needed to hack HTML, one microintegration and core class in order to have multilanguage support and correct format of invoices in multilanguage.
I had 3 support tickets and spent one month with integation and modifications of AEC (and now I'm almost done with its integration).

Final word - It is very good component without competitor. Other components are not so flexible, extensible and advanced and this is biggest advantage of AEC.
In my case it was my only option and If I should decide again, I would pick AEC again.
On the other hand it would be better if this component would have real competitior, because it could help to force Valanx to improve things which are neccessary (turn good component into perfect).
I have spent significant amount of time dealing with my site performance. As it is quite complex site, full of JavaScript and CSS, it was crucial for me to tune up - optimize site (google likes it, users too).
I played with CssJScompress, JHC, JFinalizer. JFinalizer was my favorite, but it was nightmare to setup and to have all optimization in place. So even it is great tool, not for my site. Today I explored Jbetolo and I can honestly tell you -> THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT BEST. You have lot of options (and correct setup took me max 2h),possibility to omit sensitive JS, CS files which do not like to be minimized. I also like the fact that source code of website looks cleaner after optimization. I did not use options for CDN, smash service, but it is only +. What I would suggest to add is gzip (joomla system gzip do not work? At least for me) and css sprites (but I assume that this is not easy to integrate).
Jbetolo changed my score in from 65 to 81! Yslow from D to C (75). And most important I can see that site loads faster.
It would be even better, but I have lot of JS files which do not like minification so I had to omit these from optimization.
Thank you for this great plugin! I recommend your inteligent plugin to everyone. I believe that in few months it will be the best rated plugin in Site Perfomance section. Bravo!
byghost999, January 22, 2011
Modules Anywhere
This tool is simple, well documented, super usefull and effective. You can have module anywhere you want, and this is giving you much more possibilities with your website. This is really Joomla core enhancement!