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bygibbsp, December 8, 2011
SP Upgrade
I am the type of person that has to have the latest upgrade on everything that I have. I do not like having out of date products and/or applications. I tried different upgraders but they did not work. jUpgrade is a good product but I tried it on several sites and during the migration it either did not work on some sites or it did work. So I was looking for a consistent migration tools and I found it with SPUpgrade. I had a little bit of trouble understanding the instructions in the beginning but I contacted support and they responded immediately. One of my sites was rather large and the migration went well. You will have to do some clean up but that is to be expected. SPUpgrade does all of the heavy lifting and again they provide amazing support. This extension is well worth the money as I used it on at least 7 sites and it worked well on all of them. You get what you pay for. Good jobs.
bygibbsp, November 18, 2011
Simple Spotlight
This is s great extension. Installed it, uploaded the pictures, configured it, added CSS and it worked just the way it said it would. I love it.
bygibbsp, September 28, 2011
I have used this extension on several sites and I do like it. The only problem that I have with it is that it worked on some sites and not on others. On one site the jUpgrade button did not work and on two other sites the button worked but when I went to view the page I got a 404 error. On the sites that it did work on, it worked very well. Still attempting to debug and see what the problem is with the sites that the extension did not work on. I still like the extension and the concept. When it works it works. When it does then some figuring out is required and I have not been able to find any answer to why I am getting the 404 Error or why the jUpgrade button does not work sometimes. The solution that I saw have not worked. I like the fact that it places the upgraded site in another folder so that you can make everything look like the previous version of your site. Great idea. It just needs bug fixes.