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bygidgie, March 27, 2013
JSN ImageShow PRO
Love the flexibility, the themes, the scalability.
Support is fantastic, documentation is fantastic!

Seriously, why would you want to use something else???
bygidgie, March 19, 2013
JSN PowerAdmin
JSN power admin, same as anything else that comes from these guys, is completely and utterly awesome. Great product, great documentation ( and when i say great, think this - i have bought every single commercial and got every non commercial product from them even if i don't need it just yet), and fantastic support!... What else could an admin ask for!??
bygidgie, November 21, 2012
JE Story submit
Well, it is up and running in about 5 minutes. If you don't need anything fancy, then this is brilliant.

I get that some people get upset about paying $20 and getting only some of what they need. But, hey, if you need something super special, then go hire a developer and get them to dance about your needs!

This thingie is simple and easy to use. Don't know if there are any issues if you try to reach stars with it - i haven't encountered any issues.
bygidgie, July 10, 2012
Flexi Contact
Simple, easy, stylish... Loved the pack of new icons for about $3....
Very easy to set up, is easy to use...
I have put it into every client's site so far....
bygidgie, July 9, 2012
I started off quite roughly with this component, only because my hosting company screwed php settings up and the installation half failed ( which is even worse than not installing at all!)... The support team was brilliant, got them on skype, they looked at my problem and fixed it...!!!
I am just now starting to play with all settings and all looks quite awesome... I have (again on skype) asked about a specific feature and they kindly offered to develop it for us when we are eventually ready....
Very nice job... ( Off I go configuring my joomgalaxy)... Very excited to see exactly what I can do with it - I am planning to use it for few different projects in slightly different industries :)
bygidgie, June 21, 2012
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Mosets Tree
I got so excited and was about to buy it - and then came to my attention that it does not work on Safari. At all. Desktop or mobile version. Considering that I was planning to use it for a directory of "things to do" in the area for visitors, having a site that is worthless on a mobile device was a serious drawback.

From other reviews it sounds like a good thing. And yes, safari is less than 5% of the market, but (just a guess) about 50% of mobile browser market....

Works ok, if you don't mind that some functions, i.e. enabling notifications does not work. At the moment if you enable it, you cannot save the configuration. It simply crashes and takes you back to the control panel..

Have posted on the forum with that question about a week ago but haven't heard anything back.. Looked up other messages on that forum - about a month between from question to a response....

Quite disappointing...

Definitely has potential, but need work. Also a feature suggestion - display full comment list by default option.
Owner's reply

I am really sorry that you had problems with JComments. Unfortunatelly last month I had some problems and I had not internet access. Now I have solved this problems and on next week I will answer all questions on forum. And I hope that I could help with your problem. You can also contact me directly by email (could be found in JComments' sources).

Insert Article by ID
pretty good tool, just quite irritating that I have to go guessing what options are selected on the options panel due to a smiley face and paypal logo asking for donation blocking what I need to see....

I am sure I will have to spend half an hour trying to find where it comes from and how to get rid of it :)

Other than that seems to work without problems...
Owner's reply

The smile does not bother now!!! :-)))

Download the new version!!!

thanks for your notice!!!

bygidgie, April 10, 2012
BT Login
Great module!... Love the simplicity of set up. Out and running in about 5 min, while I was on the phone all time, so had only half the brain available for this...

Will try to customise the styles tomorrow, but after a quick inspection with firebug it looks quite tidy.

Well done!
Flexi Custom Code
I simply love extensions that take 10 sec to download, less than 5 sec to install and 10 set to get them used!!!

Awesome piece of work...
bygidgie, March 26, 2012
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
Great extension! Cannot believe that being free it outdoes the expensive ones by quite a bit. Taken a while to set up (purely because of my own "senior moment"), but seems to be doing just what I wanted - have a main article at the top, and other articles that talk about same stuff listed underneath starting with most recent (although, there were plenty of other options).
Really quite flexible and works well, the only very very minor down side is that it is a little bit confusing to start with to understand how to set it up. But not worth reducing the rating for that. :)

Well done!
bygidgie, August 19, 2011
Article PXFont Size
Very good! Easy to install, easy to set up, works as expected.

Would probably be nice to have option of variable button sizes, as people who would use them the most might struggle finding them... Just a thought... In any case - great work!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment!
gidgie: -"variable button sizes"

karmany: -I do not know. I have to analyze it. I can't promise.

bygidgie, August 4, 2011
SP Weather
Brilliant!!! Don't have to go looking for weird station numbers, time zones etc. If you want something that is easy to install and set up then this is it...

It simply works!!

I have checked about 16-18 different weather extensions and all were very frustrating as i need weather for a small country town that is not in US (trust me, that is an important point)....

Loving it!!!
bygidgie, January 27, 2011
Well, these guys should be in the dictionary description of "product support"!
very impressive - quick, understandable and useful.

The cart seems to work quite well so far, but since it is my first e-commerce project i cannot give more constructive review. However, for someone who has no idea what they are doing (e-commerce-wise)it is very reassuring to know that help and advice is available there, and the product is reliable.