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byginatnoy, October 30, 2012
Dinamod Tab Modules
very best . name your tabulator pos. and give this new pos. name to moduls and its working. go for it
byginatnoy, August 11, 2012
Load module into article
simple and great. all plgin should be as this one. do the job !!!
byginatnoy, March 21, 2012
I looked for lihe this for ages. i wanted to insert inside my articles an widjet / an html javascript code.
It works perfectly , and it givse you a butten too , so you need to deals with it.
In the and i just used the {source} ...plgin - and iworks great.
just a small advise - copy first your code to notepad to clean it up brfore insert it to your article.
byginatnoy, December 19, 2011
FJ Related Articles Plus
It take some time to realise it ability and uses . it is a great way to show articles ( if your site uses them ) realated to to the menu item.
byginatnoy, November 2, 2011
The combination of subscribers and users viewing articles and comments - good idea. But, big but, K2 manages all of the articles and not related to articles of JOOMLA, so we must accept articles only from the application, and if working with multiple applications in various fields it is a problem. In addition, adding a article is problematic, and I could not for a long time to add new article.
the pop up window for new item looks bad .
Too bad, tha total is a good application.
Very difficult to get help.
In summary the application is good only for those who need just only that, his flexibility with other applications is very low. And if you could get more help at all that was excellen
Owner's reply

Dear "ginatnoy", K2 is a lot more flexible that the default Joomla! article system. In fact, the new Joomla! 1.7 release has been significantly influenced by K2 in many points, e.g. the use of "featured" articles, the use of "sub-templates" in the component and modules etc. The true difference remains however: K2 is still more flexible.

You have probably not understood K2's value yet. I recommend you dive into Joomla! a bit more and when your needs grow, then have a second look at K2...

byginatnoy, October 10, 2011
My experience has been very successful with the company. A very professional. You can easily build an affiliate program. Can be translated into different languages​​, even those who do not programers . I had a problem when running the software, and I received professional service courteous and reliable.
I hesitated because the previous response, but I'm glad I went with my gut.
In short good and recommended