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bygingerkid, February 11, 2014
Akeeba Backup
There is honestly no excuse for anyone using Joomla to not have this extension. It's free and it's an absolute necessity for anyone who likes their website.

Whenever I make a major update to my site, I download it as a jpa file with Akeeba. On more than one occasion, disaster struck and I had to restore my site (or move it to a new domain). The first time it happened, I panicked. Then I used Akeeba Kickstart and my site was back online in a matter of minutes. I didn't have to do anything but extract and fill in my database info again.

Instead of worrying about downloading all of your files and databases manually, Akeeba lets you store it as one single file, which you can then upload to ANY empty directory, extract and voila! Your site is restored, or copied, or whatever your heart may desire.

If you run a Joomla site and do not have Akeeba, I recommend that you remedy your situation immediately.
bygingerkid, February 11, 2014
Simple Pop-Up
I downloaded the free version of this and tried it out on one of my sites. It works really nicely; no time at all to set up or use. I had a couple of questions in the beginning and Anders responded immediately. Since it was only a few bucks, I purchased the pro version to remove the freeware notice on the bottom, although the notice is quite unobstrusive and I didn't even see it until I'd been playing around with the plugin for a while. Very reasonable for a nice little extension.
bygingerkid, February 11, 2014
As a photographer and digital artist with multiple graphics-heavy websites that require a huge number of galleries, I have tried literally every single Joomla image gallery extension in existence. I thought it would be easy to find an extension that allows a quick, easy grid layout of thumbnails, which open in a lightbox-style popup when clicked, with captions, and can be scrolled through from the popup. Apparently not.

Sigplus is the ONLY extension I've come across that allows everything I need with no hassle. It gives me a neat, easy grid layout gallery with captions. You'd think it would be the most basic thing in the world but for some reason, none of the other extensions, even the very expensive ones, do the job just right. Sigplus is the best at this. The module lets you choose the folder you wish to draw the gallery images from, customize the style and operation of the thumbnails and popup, auto-resizes all thumbnails for you instantly, with the option to choose whether or not you want them cropped or fit, add a text file with captions at any time, and images load quickly.

I am now using SigPlus on 4 separate websites and am am never going back. I paid good money for a number of galleries and none of them did everything mentioned above. Some came close, but were missing one aspect or another. Sigplus, however, is incredibly diverse, takes about 30 seconds to set up and it's FREE. I can't ask for more. Thanks for making such an awesome extension available!