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The default settings are such that the plugin works well as soon as it's enabled. However, the lack of english documentation limits the usefulness of the additional features. I didn't find that the tooltips gave enough information.
byginjg, January 22, 2014
Freestyle FAQs
meets our needs perfectly. thanks for a great extension
byginjg, April 18, 2013
SJ HTML5 Audio Player
I got this module to move all the audio players on my musicians' sites to html5 to ensure greater cross platform compatibility. And it works great!

As to tech support, when I encountered a js conflict with a tabs module, they immediately resolved the issue.

SuperJoom is a quality developer and I look forward to moving my video players to their html5 video player.

I hope they have plans to expand these great little modules into full components
byginjg, July 7, 2012
Lab5 Mobile Videos
Over the next couple of days I'll be shifting all my video players on three media heavy sites to Lab5 Mobile Videos Module.
This extension works well and the tech support is exemplary - quick, polite and knowledgeable. After guiding me to resolve some minor settings, I was still having a display issue. Dennis suggested reencoding the mp4s which was the perfect solution. And all of this with in just a few email exchanges.
I was happy to make a donation in support of this efficient module and great tech support.
byginjg, June 27, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
I use CE on all my sites and recommend it to others when ever I can. Thanks for a great extension package.
All the pieces of this extension (component, module and plugin) work exactly as promised.

The quick, friendly, effective support that the developer provides is exemplary. I had a problem on one site that I couldn't solve and contacted support. When patient directions didn't resolve the issue, Douglas went in and found one relatively obscure setting out of whack and resolved the issue. This all took place within a few hours. The bar for other developers support has been raised very high.
byginjg, February 15, 2012
Facebook Fangate for Jootab
The jootab fangate extension works well.
The tech support from jootab has been wonderful. When I had difficulty navigating the set up on the Facebook app side, they quickly arranged a team viewer session and walked me through it.
I installed the entire suite - Jootab Template, Fan Gate, viral pay Tweet and viral pay Facebook.
and in the very short time they've been active they've vastly increased the traffic at both the FB fan page and the website.
Thanks Jootab. Keep up the good work!
Pro Magic Audio Player
You can't beat the ease of use and variety of options. Meets my needs perfectly. Visitors to my site love the popup player so they can listen and browse at the same time.
byginjg, March 11, 2010
Artist Showcase Player
I really like this component. It is packed with user configurable features and works as advertised. The documentation is clearcut and easy to follow - even for joomla novices.

The only thing that prevents it from being Excellent is that there is currently no way to define the display order of the albums.
I wish there were a demo period, but when the payment integration is added in this will be great for indie musicians
DT Register
Closing on excellent, dtregister does exactly what it promises at an astonishingly low price, particularly ehen compared to reg-online and similar "services". You do need jevents.

The developer listens to the users and adds feature, bug fixes and updates on a very timely basis. He also frequents the dtregister forum regularly and answers pressing but non-urgent questions accurately and provides detailed information .

When I experienced a glitch when I updated to the 1.5 native version from the legacy version the developer made sure I got back up and running with out any losses. I was down 3rd or 4th in the cue of a very few people experiencing that particular issue so there was a slight but reasonable delay, but he resolved the issue perfectly.

If they'll add barcodes so check-in at the event can become seamless, and implement % discounts rather than fixed rates so you don't have to define a separate discount category field for each price point, the component will be excellent.
If they then integrate event creation and end the reliance on jevents, the system would be near perfect.