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byginoue, May 22, 2011
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Hmmm. Joomla 1.6.3
Tried this but cant see functions and Gallery features..
Small app but where are all the features like multiple upload, resizing, name tagging, review, etc.
Permissions for registrede users etc.
sig only add's small features to art. but does not provide you with a photo gallery so it must be misplaced under photo gallery and should perhaps be in photos and images -> Articles images.
Didn't solve my needs..
Owner's reply

Even while sigplus surpasses most extensions in the category "Photo gallery" in terms of functionality it offers (and for this reason, I think it rightfully belongs there), and it supports some of the features you listed, it definitely has room for improvement, as every piece of software. If you would like to see a particular feature in sigplus, contact the developer directly, and promote development by making a donation to the project. Also, it might be helpful to check out the extensive documentation sigplus comes with: it has a comprehensive list of all what sigplus has to offer, helping you decide for or against it. Unfortunately, no extension is suitable for all conceivable purposes, but the JED offers a variety of them to let you choose the one you need.