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bygiorgos, March 23, 2011
I've tried many simillar plugins but had problems. Excellent plugin, excellent documentation. The only disadvantage may be that it makes pages a little heavier.

Well done Valadis for creating this, and thanks for sharing with us for free.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words Giorgos! Actually the plugin isn't too heavy, rather the AddThis script that it calls; if AddThis change their script in any way, making it heavier etc. I'm not responsible for that.

bygiorgos, January 24, 2011
Art Wijmo Menu
Well, I tried many menu systems (most of which had excellent reviews), but none worked for me. I was starting to loose hope before trying this out. It works like a charm, and is by far the most simple of all the menus I tried!
Two things would make it perfect:
1) Linkable parent menu items (not just linkable sub menu items)
2) Basic customization options from the back side (e.g. color of menu items, background, etc).

Many thanks!
bygiorgos, December 1, 2009
I tried out 4-5 similar extensions. This one worked the best for me. Good job and thanks!
bygiorgos, April 16, 2008
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Shape 5 Quick Contact
I'm new at this, so I appreciate the easy installation, easy configuration and easy customisation of this module! I just love it when a extension does what it's supposed to, without any trouble!
bygiorgos, April 5, 2008
Google Maps by Reumer
although I'm new to joomla, i had almost no trouble installing and using this plugin. Good stuff!