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bygipester, April 17, 2008
BookLibrary Basic
First, I'm so thankful that someone is still developing BookLibrary! I thought it was a goner. Overall I love this extension, if only because it's the only thing that gets close to what I need.

However, as I do not use it for books, but for movies, I would like to suggest that someone create a more generic version (a simple lending library) that would allow people to list and lend anything. I would remove the connectivity, which isn't necessary unless you're selling books.

Also, as I have a lot of movies in my library, I would like some more robust list navigation tools. For example an alphabetic listing and an alphabetic quick list (A-Z) and maybe several "sort by" listings like most recently added, highest ratings, etc. (similar to the modules).

Otherwise, everything's great! Keep up the good work!