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bygishee, July 24, 2012
I am a marketing guy and not a techy guy and this was one of the easiest programs to install and configure. I liked the flexibility it offered to have it float and the options to turn on and off the feature with a check box. Very easy and works perfectly. Nice job guys!
I built a website for a client (I am pretty new) and downloaded this contact me application. I had a problem with it because it was not recording the end users message correctly. I contacted the designer and he not only told me how to fix it, he logged in with me on a webinar, and fixed it for me (no charge!). It turned out it had nothing to do with his program but it was my mistake. He found it and corrected it. Because of his super support, I have hired him to do additional work and referred several people to him and they love his work also. P.s. My client is very happy as we were able to add two versions of it