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Seo Pagination
Extension works great exactly as promised. I had a problem with installation and they were very helpful and speedy to get it working!
bygjensen, April 15, 2013
Search & Replace for Joomla!
Great product does everything described, and customers service goes above and beyond!
bygjensen, October 5, 2011
SP Upgrade
I had tried to upgrade from Joomla 15 to 1.7 using Jupdate 2x and had failed. This extension worked and even preserved my Urls in search engine indexes.

Customer service was great, they answered questions before I began the process, since I was pretty nervous, and checked my logs afterwards to verify all had gone well!
bygjensen, June 7, 2010
WEBO Site SpeedUp
WEBO works, increased my site's speed. We went from 35 seconds for a page to load to 8 seconds. This happened even though our template structure uses quite a few extensions and has many javascripts and css style sheets. I had them do the installation, it was well worth it.
bygjensen, June 7, 2010
Installation was easy, I had one glitch when I sent out the first newsletter so I contacted their customer service. Their response was great, even helped me during a live chat!