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bygkolomvos, March 6, 2010
Include Component
A great extension that adds real flexibility to Joomla. You can use it to include a page (article, category, section, component or whatever) into a an article just using its URL. It does not use frames to do it and it does not mess with the css at all, everything looks the way you expected it to look. But take care of 2 things:
1) the joomla editors usually convert the & character of the included URLs to & when this happens the plugin cannot work properly
2) your web server has to support Curl library (or allow_url_fopen which is not suggested because of security reasons), else the plugin cannot work at all.
bygkolomvos, December 23, 2009
Component Content Control
Very good work. Simple and efficient. Does what it says with no problems. I have used it for controlling access to Virtuemart pages and was great.
Georgios Kolomvos, Patras, Greece.
bygkolomvos, December 6, 2009
At first its interface looked very complicated to me but soon i realised that everything was where i expected it to be. I use it to make multilingual forms, with all type of fields (textbox, combobox, checklist, radio buttons, file upload, captcha, etc) and it integrates very well with joomfish and SEF. It is really free (ofcourse donations will be appreciated) and no matter if you have made a donation or not, the developer Alex Dobrin answers very quickly to all problems posted on the support forum. Alex thank you for the great extension.
Georgios Kolomvos
Patras, Greece
mavik Thumbnails
Mavik Thumbnails is the only thumbnail plugin that played in every joomla site i have tried (including windows and linux servers) with no problems.

I have made a little modification, so that the plugin creates thumbnails not for every resized image, but only for those who belong in a specific class. I describe those changes in case someone needs them:

In file mavikthumbnails.php, change line 156 from:

if ( $this->img->getHeight() || $this->img->getWidth() )


if ( ($this->img->getHeight() || $this->img->getWidth()) && $this->img->getClass() == 'mavik' )

In file imgtag.class.php, under the line 80 add the following:

$this->_class = @$this->_attributes['class'];

and at line 127 under the function getWidth() add this one:

function getClass()
return $this->_class;

Afterwards upload these two files to the folders plugins/content and plugins/content/mavikthumbnails respectively (replace the original ones).

From now on, to create a thumbnail for an image in an article, you have to define that the image belongs to class "mavik" (e.g. ) and use the mouse to resize the image in the editor. That's all.