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byglaser72, July 30, 2009
I hate it to run a ftp client and upload, delete move or rename while i do a parallel work in the admin of Joomla. I don't know why but it is like this. Therefore extplorer is my salvation. It is a genius AJAX- eye candy - file admin client. Keep on the very good work.
byglaser72, July 30, 2009
Ok it is my mistake. I didn't need a form extension for a long time period. I used to know facileforms and chronoforms. Last week i had to look out for a form extension. I needed it for a customer. As I saw that there are a lot of new extensions now, I tested a bunch of them. My result is, if your customer needs to administrate the form extension himself, there is only one way. This one! I am serious, I tested this with my customer, and got a response like: Oh this is dead simple. I'd like to use this one. I must say mailforms is a very professional work and it is hard to believe that it is GPL an non commercial. Respect!