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byglens1234, November 15, 2012
2J News Slider
nice extension. did exactly what we wanted. support was fast and helpful. Boom!
byglens1234, August 13, 2009
Phoca Download
yeh its nice and easy to setup, install etc. It looks nice. It would be better if it had the option to add sub-catagories/folders but all in all v good work guys!!
byglens1234, August 13, 2009
Phoca Favicon
im not entirely sure what the point of this extension is. Creating a favicon take minutes anyway without this extension. Secondly it does not support images with transparent backgrounds,which is important when creating favicons. Also, from what i gather you have to manually upload the favicon image. Perhaps i missing something but im not sure how this extension helps me?
Owner's reply

"Creating a favicon take minutes anyway without this extension"
With this component it takes some seconds.

Using this component saves users some steps while creating favicon:

- you need not to resize your image (Phoca Favicon will create icon from image which have any size)
- you need not to convert image to ico file
- you need not to copy this ico to server, to template folder.

So it is the same like you will say, you need not Joomla! because you can write all your articles direct into the php files. Users who have no image editor, who don't know resizing images, who don't have any idea how to convert image to ico type, who don't know the place where to copy this icon, maybe they will appreciate this help.

If you don't need this help, it is very easy, just uninstall this component and make all these steps manually.