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byglobus999, January 23, 2014
We use it because there is no other company offering a similar product. However, the backlinks are annoying, there is no auto-updating, the admin interface is slow and has no search function which forces you to review links one by one! The connectivity check to a website is a resource hog and if you have many links, it will slow your site down to a crawl or kill it. We never use it.
byglobus999, May 8, 2013
I find Komento extremely complicated. There is a truck load of configuration options, most of which are directed (probably) to high-end websites. However, we will never know because there is no documentation. Well... almost none. It is hard to guess what each option does or does not do, when it actually does something, which is a crapshoot at the best. Was it a configuration issue? Bug? Your setup? You'll never know.
Support is quite responsive and nice, but they can't compensate for the lack of documentation. The user interface is bulky and consumes way too much space. The editor is OK, but why not just use the standard Joomla one? Why re-invent the wheel?
In addition it is not lightweight. It will most definitively slow down your website. In summary, if you have a big website, are techie and have lots of time, go for it. On the other hand, if you are just starting and need a quick commenting plugin / module, this is most definitively not for you. You have been warned.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your valuable feedback and we take every feedback very seriously! I have to agree that we are lacking on the documentation part for the settings but most of the settings that you see in the component comes with a great amount of tooltip when you hover over each of the settings.

As for slowing down your website, we have not received any feedback from our users that slows their site down, so far. But if you have any issues at all, please feel free to post them on our support forums :)

We would really like to hear more from you and we hope that we could work together and get things straighten out.

Thanks again!