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bygmha, June 25, 2012
For small datasheets (less than 100 records), this is a nice tool. However, it definitely has some kinks to it. Creating the grid is easy. Documentation is a bit lacking but eventually you figure out that you add it to a Joomla! site via a menu item. Design your worksheet carefully you so can add your columns in the correct order up front. Otherwise sometimes when you move a column, other columns will move with it (for example, when trying to add a column which defaulted to the last position #23 and then move it to position "5", the column in position #22 would always "follow" the new column - and in this case become #6. Moving it back to the end would also move the new column to the end. And sometimes deleted columns magically reappear. Had to delete and recreate my grid multiple times. Uploading data is funky, number columns apparently MUST have data in the upload or the upload fails - with no indication of failure - you just get a grid with no rows. And forget large worksheets - just becomes so slow it is unusable (I have a 2500 row worksheet. According to the scroll bar it appears to have loaded in about 5+ minutes but it does not appear to want to paint so the grid is blank). All-in-all the interface is nice and the product appears pretty good for managing small worksheets. With some performance enhancements I would definitely consider this again. As for version, the file I uploaded stated it was version 2.5.4b released 5-30-2012 but in the extension manager it says it is version 2.5.3 from 3-25-2012 so I really don't know what version I am actually running. As for now, I will not be paying for the commercial version as it just does not seem to be ready to meet our needs.
Owner's reply

First, thanks for taking your time to look in detail at JGrid.

Reading your post you have 3 primary issues:

1. RE-ordering Columns - I found a bug in the code on re-ordering and fixed, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
2. Uploading data via a CSV file - JGrid was developed to allow the administrator or club users to add data directly into the grids. CSV came later. For example a kids swim league in Germany has each swimmer update their times after each meet. I will add some more error messages on CSV uploads in the 4.0 version, but this is a feature for the most advanced user.
3. Query performance on large data sets - Actually JGrid is user on some very large real estate sites with 10,000+ rows of data with response rates of a few seconds. That said I would have liked to work with you and debug your site, could be an index issue on your site or a bug I injected with a release. Or could be you did not set the remote query option properly to just query a page of data at a time vs the whole database.. In the version 4.0 I am going to allow direct querying of any Joomla or Mysql table in the database or an SQL join you write, so the performance will not be driven by my indexes but rather native perfromance of you site.

Please review 4.0 in a few months when it launches.