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bygnubler, February 5, 2010
I have tried nearly every one of the free translators offered on the JED. They all had flaws or problems or didn't do what I wanted with the exception of GTranslate. It worked perfectly right out of the box, and I've since customized it to make my site bilingual. A big thanks to the developer for a great product. One suggestion that I already made on the developer's site is to include a US flag for English and a Mexican flag for Spanish - here in the US the England & Spain flags are not particularly recognized for representing their respective languages.
bygnubler, August 3, 2009
Shape 5 Weather
I have this mod installed. It works, I'm satisfied with it. But when I compare the weather conditions it's displaying on my module to the conditions at (for the same zip code) they are different. I don't know how often the module refreshes the data it displays, but it seems like it's perpetually sunny & 88 degrees on my module when it's actually windy or rainy.
bygnubler, November 1, 2007
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I am relatively new to Joomla, having taken over a site that somebody else created. I'd been using Zoom Media Gallery until a few days ago when the main gallery page developed an error that I couldn't fix. After getting no response from the developers and at their forum, I gave up and looked for something else.

After researching the many gallery components available for Joomla, I decided on RSgallery because it had the features I was looking for and had many positive reviews.

I just installed it this morning and am still working on creating my new galleries, but WOW. This is so much better than Zoom - I am really pleased. The interface is much easier to work with and it just looks so much nicer than Zoom (and I haven't even touched the CSS yet...really only a few tweaks here and there) I love the option of having different templates and I tried them all, but it seems the default tables template will work best for my site anyway.

I highly recommend this component for anyone needing a basic, clean image gallery. As someone noted on another comment, be sure to go to the config panel before you start uploading images. I also changed my thumbnail size to 100 (from the default 80 - too small, I think) and full size to 500 - I'm not sure how changing those numbers after uploading images would work, so do it first.

You get an excellent rating. Thanks!