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bygoedda, March 26, 2014
HS Highlighter
I was only looking for a plugin that would allow me to insert example code in Joomla! articles. I found this and I like it.
The plugin is easy to install and use. The 'Highlight Code' button in the editor is a great idea. Also great is the possibility of different pre-defined styles.
The plugin creates though a lot of HTML code for each line of code inserted in the Joomla! article - not sure, if by javascript or not. Anyhow, that is a small price to pay for a feature that should have been implemented in Joomla! core.
bygoedda, November 9, 2013
JB DropDown Menu for Bootstrap
I essentially have to agree with the user 'photografx', this should have been implemented in the Joomla! core. Though frontend templates may not necessarily load bootstrap, which is a requirement for this module to work.


- Quick and easy installation, configuration, customizing and finally loading (will not put a load on your server) of the module
- for free
- quick support (for this free extension!)
- ideal for bootstrap based templates
- CSS classes can be added to the module, menu and list elements


- Bootstrap dropdown menu can only show top-level and one level deep

If you have a bootstrap based Joomla! template and you are looking for a swift module with bootstrap layout, this is certainly a good option.

All in all, the extensions delivers what was promised and it does the job well. For that I rate it as 'excellent'.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

bygoedda, August 4, 2012
JB Pagebreak
I am using a Twitter-Bootstrap based template and one of the last things to sort out was the pagebreak navigation links. They were asymmetrical and it just looked nasty. Every code I tried, failed. This plug-in does not hide the 'prev' link for the first page or the 'next' link for the last page, but it displays the navigation symmetrically and that is much more than I ever achieved. I also believe that the plug-in has still a lot of potential with the other presentation styles 'tabs' and 'sliders'.

Thank you.
bygoedda, July 30, 2012
Although I only occasionally use the plug-in (not even the component), I am very happy with the simple install and use of this powerful plug-in.
I am especially happy with the great documentation page where the video formats and the syntax are explained nicely.
I used to use the plug-in in J1.5 and now I am using it in J2.5. Great work and great work adapting it to J2.5! The least I can do is write a good review for you guys.
bygoedda, January 8, 2012
Almost simultaneously with the release of the new Joomla! series last year, the new Sobi product 'SobiPro' was released too. Never has the opportunity been bigger than back then to jump on this train, follow the development and lift your website to a new level with a new Joomla! and a completely new and powerful directory listing component. By now, SobiPro 1.0.3 stable has been released and it is time to consider the results of months of studying and using this component.

It is not only a directory listing, but also a content construction kit and you can use it either way or in a combination of both features, which makes it ultimately powerful. With SobiPro you can easily create great directory listings and customize almost every part of your directory listing, because every part and every view has its own template. There is no limitation on how many templates you create or on how and when you do use them.
The main templating language is XSLT, which is somewhat unusual and it takes some effort to learn it. I do not consider this a big problem though, because there are great learning tutorials on the Web and the language is straightforward. Once the basic XSLT skills have been mastered, really every single part of the directory listings can be customized. It needs to be said that the SobiPro XSLT templates also allow to use HTML/JavaScript in it and the use of predefined or custom PHP functions, respectively. In other words: The XML/XSLT language does not limit SobiPro templating, but in fact extends it!
As already known from Sobi2, the default installation also provides you with sample data and templates that do not need further customization and will display any custom field and custom entry you may create. This allows the use of this component even for absolute beginners, not skilled at any programming language.
Other new features of the component are that it runs on Joomla! 1.5.x as well as on Joomla! 1.6+, it has multi-directory functionality, advanced Access Control List, data filters and multi-language ability - just to mention some!

The SobiPro component is certainly powerful, but also quite resource-intensive and has quite high requirements that need to be met. It has been running absolutely fine for months on my high standard but nevertheless low-resource servers(s). If you intend to run directory listings with tens of thousands of entries and hundreds of categories, it may require a boosting of your servers CPU and memory.

SobiPro is free software released under the terms of GNU/GPL V3. So the price-performance ratio is unparalleled. The current version can be download and new versions are constantly released at the SigSiu homepage. The component is considered stable and for the use on live sites, but naturally not completely bug-free. The developers do work though on it from the bottom of their hearts. From my experience, the developers do take it almost personally, when discovering a bug and try to patch it as quickly as possible. Very big plus.

The support is excellent and goes way beyond what is actually expected from a support for a product. As an extra-professional webdesigner and web administrator, I do not need constant support for this product, but professional support came with the membership package and the support alone was worth the money. It saved my countless hours of developing, testing and debugging and thus, a lot of money. Notably, a SobiPro team member is working almost 24/7 supporting members and if time, even supports the public forum. The speed and quality of the support and the analytical and troubleshooting skills of the supporters is also, I would say, unparalleled. Another very big plus.

In conclusion, this is a superb component and my personal goal is to get rid of all other components and in future do EVERYTHING with SobiPro and it extensions alone. I already replaced the social component, all other directory listings and presenting components like galleries, maps and contacts etc. And with every other application this component gets more and more powerful.

SobiPro team, keep up the good work!